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Celebrating 85 Years of USIU & 40 Years of CSPP
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For USIU, Cal Western & CSPP AlumniSpring 2009
Celebrating Years 85 of Alliant & 40 Years of CSPP
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IVAT Calls for Award Nominations
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Academic Notes

Dr. Karen Schuster-Webb will assume the duties of Associate Provost for Engagement on March 1.

Dr. Sharon Foster has been named to fill the position of Associate Provost for Research and Scholarship at Alliant.

Distinguished Professor Eduardo Morales, PhD, core faculty member of CSPP's PhD Clinical Program in San Francisco will receive the 2009 American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contributions to Institutional Practice during the APA/American Psychological convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this August.

Dr. Jason Platt of CSPP Mexico went to Cambodia in December to help staff in who work with 600 orphaned children infected with HIV; the staff initially thought the children would live only a short time in hospice. He said, "The new medications have changed everything and now the kids could live for a long time. I am going to help with is helping the staff reintroduce the children back into their own communities (who are very frightened and do not necessarily want the children to come back)." is working with Eric Hickey, PhD, Director of Alliant's Center for Forensic Studies (CFS) and CFS students Candace Caro, Jon Kingi, Alvin Lae, PhD; Seaira Reedy, MS, Ryan Solomon and Rozanna Tross, MA, on a story about the history of American serial killers. Look for it soon.

Participate in Faculty and Student Research

Grandparenting Survey: CSPP Associate Professor Suni Peterson, PhD is conducting a study on grandparenting roles. She invites anyone who is a grandparent to click this link and take an online, anonymous grandparenting survey.

Afrouz Shaye, CSPP-LA graduate student, invites anyone between the ages of 18 to 30 who has been dating the same person for about 3 months or more to help with her research on gender and personality in dating relationships. Her online survey takes only about 15 minutes to complete.

Call for
IVAT Violence Prevention Awards

Every year, IVAT, the Institute on Violence Abuse and Trauma at Alliant International University, honors those among us who have made significant inroads in the struggle to end violence in the world and the home.

To that end, IVAT will present three special awards at the 14th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma in San Diego in September.

IVAT invites you to submit nominations for these three awards by following the links below:
Please click the links above to submit a nomination, and click here to learn more about IVAT and its international conference.

Earth Day at Scripps Ranch
Alumni News Notes

Dubai Reunion
About 80 alumni of United States International University attended a reunion in Dubai in January. Click here for photos on AlliantConnect and a link to USIU's reunion group on Facebook, which features more than 200 photos of the event courtesy of Dr. Ali Abu-Rahma.

USIU Alumna Beverly Perez has been named General Counsel for a humanitarian organization. More info here.

In May of 2008, current CSPP students responded after a catastrophic earthquake hit the Sichuan Province in Western China. With 12,000 dead and 18,000 missing, students and faculty from the Hong Kong-based clinical psychology doctoral program of the California School of Professional Psychology developed an innovative and collaborative grassroots effort to provide services and education in Chengdu, Sichuan. As a result, they have been accepted to present a symposium during APA's 117th Annual Convention in Toronto, Canada, in the International Psychology Division. Full story here.

CSPP-San Diego alumnus David Gruder's book "The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World," has won three book-of-the-year awards in an unusual blend of categories: Social Change, Health/Wellness and Self-Help. In addition to being a writer, Dr. Gruder is a keynote speaker who conducts training programs. He is actually a double alum, having received a MA in 1977 and then a PhD in 1982 in clinical/organizational psychology.

Stephanie Kleiner-Morrissey, PsyD, an alumna of CSPP-LA (1988-89)
just finished serving a term as Past-President of the Colorado Psychological Association. She is also the proud mom of two twin boys born in March 2008.

Carl H. Shubs, PhD (CSPP-LA, 1978; USIU, 1982) presented at the 13th International Conference on Violence, Abuse & Trauma in September 2008 and at the November 2008 conference for the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. His topic for both was "Transference and Countertransference Issues in Working with Victims of Violent Crime and Other Traumatic Incidents of Adulthood," based on three articles he had published in the journal Psychoanalytic Psychology. The three articles are:
  • "Transference Issues Concerning Victims of Violent Crime and Other Traumatic Incidents of Adulthood," Psychoanalytic Psychology, January 2008, (Vol. 25, No. 1, 122-141).
  • "Treatment Issues Arising in Working with Victims of Violent Crime and Other Traumatic Incidents of Adulthood," Psychoanalytic Psychology, January 2008, (Vol. 25, No. 1, 142-155).
  • "Countertransference Roles and Enactments in the Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Recovery with Victims of Violent Crime," Psychoanalytic Psychology, January 2008, (Vol. 25, No. 1, 156-180).
Aretha Fisher, CSPP-San Francisco alumna, gave a talk as part of the Division 44 Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity (CoRED) research symposium for the 2009 National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) in New Orleans in January. "Through Colored Glasses: The Identity Integration Process of Working Class African American Lesbians" was based on her CSPP dissertation.

Dear Alumni,

In January, I became the University's social media maven. I have made many international friends and feel privileged to learn about the many ways members of our community are improving the lives of individuals, families, community and our planet. (The photo above is from Earth Day 2008 on the San Diego campus.)

Alliant -- along with the legacy institutions that created it -- connects remarkable people in an vibrant intellectual community. While we are not (yet) endowed with landmark buildings or a big endowment, we are rich in intellectual capital, and we are building relationships and structures that will give our ideas and lives staying power across the years. Two examples: Last year, the University re-created its endowment. Last week, as the new campus in Mexico City was dedicated, longtime faculty member Dr. Ruth Troeller, a true eyewitness to history, donated her personal collection of more than 5,000 books to the library there.

I invite you to join me in exploring our intellectual community.You can read about Ruth Troeller's WW II experience in the French Underground by downloading our 2008-9 annual report. You can learn about many fellow alumni on our Alliant group on LinkedIn. If you visit our AlliantConnect website, you will find links to blogs written by our community, a social media census, and news of fellow alumni. Join the internet conversation or write to me. I'm looking for news to share!

Nicolette Toussaint
Your Alumni Express Editor

From Alliant President Geoff Cox

Alliant Express banner

Dear Alumni:

Last year we began the Alumni Referral and Legacy Scholarship programs to encourage those who know Alliant best-our alumni-to help us identify and attract new students to the University. I'm happy to report that these programs so far have provided financial assistance to more than 200 Alliant students. Each scholarship is awarded in the name of the referring alumnus/a, providing a special link across the generations of Alliant.

The Alumni Referral Scholarship provides an annual tuition grant of $1,000 for up to four years of full-time, continuous enrollment in a degree program. The Referral Scholarship is awarded to students who are recommended by an alumnus/a of Alliant or its predecessor institutions (CSPP, USIU, Cal Western, Balboa College) as part of the admissions process. The recommendation must be received prior to the student's offer of admission. Once awarded, it will be renewed each year provided that the students remains enrolled full time and in good academic standing.

The Alumni Legacy Scholarships provides a 25% reduction in tuition for immediate family members of alumni of Alliant or its predecessor institutions for up to four years of study. The award may be used only for full-time, continuous enrollment in a degree program. The student must apply and be admitted in the normal admissions process; renewal each year requires that the student remain enrolled full time and in good academic standing. (Please note that these scholarship awards are not retroactive, and they do not guarantee an offer of admission.)

Both of these programs are intended to help our alumni build and grow Alliant. Referring students makes a genuine contribution to the University, not only financially, but also by helping to expand the network of people engaged with and concerned about the future of this important institution.

I hope you will take this opportunity to encourage prospective students to consider Alliant and all that it has to offer. More information is available on the Alliant Connect website.

With best regards,
Geoffrey M. Cox, PhD
President, Alliant International University

Alliant Express banner
Thanks to our Donors!

When we unlocked the doors after the year-end holidays, we were very pleased to discover that a number of alumni had dropped off gifts. The evidence of their generosity was waiting for us inside our AlliantConnect website. We were surprised and delighted!

Secure, Online Giving is New on AlliantConnect

Why surprised? Because we added the secure credit card donation feature to the website just before the holidays, and hadn't even announced it yet.

Why delighted? Aside from the obvious fact that we're a nonprofit and need the money to support students and educational programs, it also helps Alliant's competitive rankings. Because newspapers and college guides award points for alumni giving, your gifts help grow not only the University's financial stability, but also its reputation.

The Alumni Express E-Newsletter

The Alumni Express is an e-newsletter produced for alumni of the California School for Professional Psychology and Balboa, Cal Western, United States International and Alliant Universities, now all part of the Alliant International University Community. The Express is produced and distributed by the Alumni Relations Department of Alliant International University in November, February and May.

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